GC items you want to make sure are paid for for the journey

Your gestational carrier is carrying the most precious cargo on Earth, your baby. It’s important to set yourself (and your GC) up for success before you begin your journey. Your agency will provide you with all the items that legally must be covered, but it’s also important to prepare for some of those items that might pop up! ]

Here is a list of items you want to make sure are paid for for your journey: 

  1. Travel expenses to any and all appointments.

Whether your GC lives close or far away, she needs to be compensated for any amount of distance she makes to all of her appointments. This item will be included in your contract, and payment will already be set-up in your escrow account.

  1. Time off required for appointments

We want to encourage your GC to attend all of her doctor appointments. If she has a job and takes time off for your appointments she might use PTO time she wouldn’t normally use. If she runs out of time-off, you might want to consider reimbursing her or that time off. This is not included in your contract, but something that could arise during your journey.

  1. Maternity Clothing and Items

Pregnancy is no easy task, but there are items that could assist in making this process more comfortable. Your contract will include an allowance for maternity clothes/items, and with anything there are limits. You can choose to extend the allowance, but you cannot shrink it. 

  1. Expenses Related to Bed Rest

If your GC must go on bed rest, you will need to ensure that she (and her family) are taken care of since she is unable to provide. This means you will pay for any lost wages from her time off, housekeeping to keep her house in order, and childcare for any children she cannot tend for. These items are included in your contract, and will be discussed with your agency if this situation arises.

  1. Insurance coverage and any out of pocket expenses

Insurance is a big topic you will discuss with your agency before beginning the screening process. However you set-up your insurance, you will be responsible for paying for any out of pocket expenses your GC receives. This includes co-payments, deductibles, and prenatal care expenses from your GC’s OBGYN. 

You will need to discuss with your agency, and your GC how you want to pay for these services, and the best way to receive bills or make payments. 

These are 5 major items that you must make sure are paid for during your journey. Every Intended Parent wishes for a smooth and easy experience, but as most of us know, sometimes things don’t go as we planned. If something pops up that you are unsure about, talk with your agency. We are here to help and guide you through every step of the journey. We will discuss your options to provide you with the confidence to make the best decisions for you and your baby!