Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between a “Surrogate” and a “Gestational Carrier”?

Southern Surrogacy handles gestational surrogacy cases only. In a gestational surrogacy the woman carrying the child is NOT the child’s genetic mother. When the word “Surrogate” is used on our website, we are using the term synonymously with the term “Gestational Carrier”.

What happens if the Surrogate we are matched with is not approved by our physician (prior to entering into Contract)?

You get to select another Surrogate with no additional fee due to Southern Surrogacy.

What type of contact will we have with the Surrogate?

This truly varies from case to case. However, as part of the matching process, we will discuss the individual contact preferences with both you and the Surrogate. When matching, we want to make sure that the Intended Parents and the Surrogate have similar expectations regarding the Intended Parents’ involvement during the pregnancy, as well as the amount and type of postpartum contact (if any) that each desires. This will also be discussed at length with the mental health professional who conducts your psychological evaluation group meeting. From our experience, the desired level of contact can change throughout the process as your relationship with your Surrogate develops.