Costs of Surrogacy: A Breakdown of Southern Surrogacy’s Program Fees

For many parents, the joy of raising a child is priceless — but in surrogacy, a number of professionals and services are required to make that happen. This causes many intended parents to ask, “How much does surrogacy cost?”

There are three types of surrogacy expenses that determine the overall surrogacy cost:

  • Southern Surrogacy’s Program Fee
  • Surrogate compensation and reimbursement for expenses
  • Additional professional services, including medical costs

Below you will find additional details about each of these expenses, as well as the services you will receive in exchange, with our surrogacy cost breakdown:

Southern Surrogacy Fees

Southern Surrogacy is a subsidiary of the law firm of Claiborne|Fox| Bradley|Goldman LLC. Together, the law firm and Southern Surrogacy provide a full-service surrogacy program, offering expert legal services as well as surrogate recruiting, pre-screening, case management, and other related services.

The current program fee is $35,000 and covers the following services and expenses, which will be provided by Southern Surrogacy or appropriate professionals designated by Southern Surrogacy:

  • Marketing and Recruitment Services: Southern Surrogacy markets to potential gestational carriers throughout the southern states. We work with women from a variety of backgrounds, so you can find the perfect surrogate who matches your criteria.
  • Screening Services: Every prospective surrogate who contacts Southern Surrogacy undergoes an extensive screening process, including in-person interviews, background checks, a home visit by a licensed professional, reviews of her health insurance and more. We get to know each of our surrogates personally to determine whether they are trustworthy and ready for the surrogacy process. In addition, following the match, we will coordinate your surrogate’s medical screening with your designated fertility clinic.
  • Matching Services: Our surrogacy program focuses on finding the perfect match for each of our clients. We provide the services you need to find the right surrogate for your family and to help you develop a strong, trusting relationship with her.
  • Referrals to Additional Professionals: With more than 30 years of experience in the region, Southern Surrogacy has developed close relationships with top fertility specialists, mental health professionals, obstetricians, and hospitals throughout Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee. If you have not already selected your necessary medical professionals, Southern Surrogacy can assist you with recommendations.
  • Coordination of Trust Services: The surrogacy costs paid to your gestational carrier will be managed through an escrow account. Southern Surrogacy will provide a referral for account administration and oversight of the trust.
  • Case Management and Oversight: Our Southern Surrogacy case manager will provide oversight and legal case coordination throughout the entire surrogacy process. Our staff is always available to answer your questions and provide the surrogacy information and guidance you need throughout the process.

The Southern Surrogacy agency costs are paid in multiple installments:

  • First Installment: $500 paid for the initial in-office meeting
  • Second Installment: $20,000 paid to hire Southern Surrogacy
  • Third Installment: $15,000 paid upon the surrogate’s successful completion of the medical screening process

To learn more about our program fee and surrogacy expenses, please contact us to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.

Surrogate Compensation and Reimbursement

One of the most major expenses impacting the overall cost of gestational surrogacy is surrogate compensation. In exchange for her commitment of time and energy, intended parents provide base compensation for their surrogate, as well as reimbursement for all pregnancy-related costs and expenses incurred during the process.

Typically, a surrogate’s base compensation is between $38,000 and $50,000 and can vary based on a number of factors, including her location, experience with surrogacy, and more. This surrogacy cost will be determined prior to the embryo transfer and will be included in your surrogacy contract.

In addition, she will need to be reimbursed for all pregnancy and surrogacy expenses incurred during the process, including:

  • Legal services provided by an independent attorney for the surrogate arranged by Southern Surrogacy
  • Medical costs, including fertility treatments, prenatal care, and insurance copays, deductibles
  • Counseling services, if requested
  • Travel expenses to attend medical appointments
  • Maternity clothes
  • And more

Depending on the circumstances of the pregnancy, there may be additional gestational surrogacy costs. For example, if your surrogate is carrying multiples, if she is placed on bed rest or if she requires additional invasive procedures, additional compensation may be required.

The surrogate will begin receiving base compensation in monthly disbursements once pregnancy has been confirmed. Reimbursements for the cost of surrogacy will also be paid in a monthly expense allowance.

At the signing of your surrogacy agreement, the escrow account will need to be funded with the total base compensation, as well as additional funds for the surrogate’s anticipated costs. Southern Surrogacy will determine this amount based on the financial terms in your contract.

Other Professional Services

Aside from the services provided by Southern Surrogacy, other professionals’ fees will impact the overall cost of surrogacy. These additional gestational surrogacy costs may include:

  • Medical Services: You will be responsible for all fees due to your fertility clinic, including the IVF surrogacy cost and fertility medications. The cost for surrogacy medical procedures may vary based on the fertility clinic you choose, the number of embryo transfer attempts required, your insurance situation and the circumstances of the pregnancy.
  • Insurance Costs: In most cases, Southern Surrogacy is able to confirm that the surrogate’s health insurance covers her pregnancy. You will then be responsible for all copays and deductibles for the surrogate’s health insurance during her pregnancy, and you will also need to provide life insurance coverage for her. Also, some intended parents choose to purchase a “back-up” insurance policy to reduce the risk of a medical claim being denied.If the surrogate’s policy excludes surrogacy, then Southern Surrogacy will work with her to obtain an appropriate policy, and the premiums will be paid by you if you choose to match with her. Usually, the base compensation for the surrogate will be reduced by the cost of the insurance premiums.
  • Psychological Screening: Following the matching process, Southern Surrogacy will arrange for your surrogate to complete a psychological evaluation with your chosen mental health professional. You will be responsible for the cost of these services.
  • Additional Legal Services: While most legal surrogacy services are included in our program fee, there are potential additional fees for special legal situations. This possibility will be discussed with you up front and included in the service agreement.

If you have not already selected professionals to provide the above services, Southern Surrogacy can provide referrals to top service providers throughout Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost Altogether?

As you can see, there are many professionals and services required to complete a successful surrogacy; this is why it’s important to have an experienced agency, such as Southern Surrogacy, to help coordinate and manage the surrogacy process. In addition, there are a number of variables that can impact the total price of surrogacy, making it difficult to definitively answer the question, “How much is surrogacy?”

Depending on a number of factors, including the surrogate’s experience and circumstances and the course of her pregnancy, the total average cost of surrogacy typically starts at around $95,000, not including medical costs. While the cost of surrogacy can be significant, there are a number of financing and fundraising options available to hopeful intended parents.

Southern Surrogacy will explain our program fees and other anticipated costs in-depth with you at the beginning of the surrogacy process. We will help you create a realistic budget and search for a potential surrogate whose financial needs are a good fit for your surrogacy plan.

To learn more about surrogacy costs and the services provided by Southern Surrogacy, please contact us or complete the following form to get started.