LGBT Surrogacy: 4 Things to Consider in the Southern States

Ruth Claiborne, Founding Director of Southern Surrogacy, was among the first lawyers to finalize same-sex adoptions in Georgia. Since then, the Southern Surrogacy team has continued to help hundreds of LGBT parents add to their families through same-sex surrogacy in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee.

While surrogacy for same-sex couples is generally no different than for any other type of intended parent, there are a few unique considerations to take into account before beginning the LGBT surrogacy process:

1. Genetic Relationships

As intended parents, it is up to you to decide whose egg or sperm will be used in the IVF process. This will determine which of you is the child’s biological parent. Same-sex intended fathers often choose to use both partners’ sperm to fertilize multiple eggs, which could allow either or both of them to be the genetic father of a child(ren), in the case of twins.

2. Donor Needs

While some heterosexual intended parents use each partner’s genetic material to create an embryo, lesbian and gay surrogacy requires the services of a donor for the sperm or egg. You will need to consider whether you would like to use an anonymous or identified donor for these gametes, and then choose the donor who is the right match for your family. It is important to make sure contracts are in place for these donated gametes.

3. LGBT Surrogacy Laws

Each state has its own surrogacy laws, and some are more LGBT-friendly than others. Southern Surrogacy’s team of experienced regional attorneys will work closely with you to ensure your family is legally protected, regardless of where you live.

4. HIV and Surrogacy

If you or your partner is HIV-positive, surrogacy can still be an option for you. The Special Program of Assisted Reproduction (SPAR) has helped both heterosexual and same-sex couples with HIV to have healthy children through surrogacy, without risk of transmission to the baby or the surrogate.

Overall, lesbian and gay couple surrogacy can be a wonderful way for hopeful parents to fulfill their lifelong dreams of parenthood and maintain a biological link to their child. Many prospective surrogates even specify that they would like to help same-sex parents add to their families.

As an LGBT-friendly surrogacy agency, Southern Surrogacy can help your family reach your surrogacy goals. To learn more about the gay and lesbian surrogacy process and our services, please contact us or complete the following form to get started.