Your Resources for Surrogacy in Atlanta

Thinking about surrogacy in Atlanta, GA? You’ve come to the right place.

Southern Surrogacy is here to serve all of your needs as you go through this life-changing journey. Whether you are a prospective surrogate or intended parent, surrogacy in Atlanta doesn’t have to be scary or complicated when you work with our experienced professionals. Southern Surrogacy can provide all the same services as any other surrogacy agency in Atlanta, as well as a few unique advantages as a law-firm-owned surrogacy program.

Our professionals are always here to answer any questions you may have about working with Southern Surrogacy in Atlanta, GA — and to help you start your surrogacy journey whenever you are ready. For more information, you can always contact us at 855-787-2229.

If you’re like many considering surrogacy in Atlanta, you have a few big questions. You may wonder, “What professionals do I need for my surrogacy in Atlanta?” We’ve answered this question below, including some resources to help you get started on your surrogacy journey whenever you are ready.

Looking for a Surrogacy Agency in Atlanta? Look No Further

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make in your Atlanta surrogacy is whether or not you wish to work with an Atlanta surrogacy agency (also known as a surrogacy program). Surrogacy can be a complicated process, and it can be invaluable to work with a professional (like Southern Surrogacy) who can offer the experience and guidance you need at every step along the way.

At Southern Surrogacy, we are committed to providing the information and resources you need to make the best decision for your family. That’s why, when you first contact our offices, our professionals will schedule a complimentary phone call to discuss your personal surrogacy goals and how our surrogacy program can help you. If you decide to move forward, we will arrange for an in-office meeting to cover all aspects of the Atlanta surrogacy process and what you can expect. For your convenience, our office is located at:

60 Lenox Pointe NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30324

But, why should you choose Southern Surrogacy for your surrogacy in Atlanta? What are the benefits of working with a full-service surrogacy program like ours?

When you work with Southern Surrogacy, our professionals will guide you through every step of the process by:

  • Completing your pre-screening requirements
  • Helping you create a surrogacy profile for matching
  • Matching you with a surrogate or intended parent who shares your surrogacy goals
  • Introducing you to your surrogacy match and mediating your contact, if necessary
  • Coordinating with your medical and other necessary professionals
  • Providing support and education from beginning to end

Here at Southern Surrogacy, our goal is to make your surrogacy in Atlanta as easy as possible — allowing you to focus on your relationship with your surrogacy partner and bringing a new life into the world. Whether you are looking to complete a gay surrogacy in Atlanta, a single parent surrogacy in Atlanta, or even an identified surrogacy in Atlanta, Southern Surrogacy will always be here to help.

Looking for a Surrogacy Attorney in Atlanta?

As you’ve researched surrogacy in Atlanta, GA, you have probably learned that you will need an attorney to complete your surrogacy process. Every surrogacy — whether it’s agency-assisted or independent — needs to include the counsel of an experienced surrogacy attorney to be completed ethically, legally and safely.

Many surrogacy agencies in the U.S. provide references to outside professionals when it comes to legal attorneys. But, Southern Surrogacy is different. As a law-firm-owned surrogacy program, we can offer in-house legal services that many others cannot.

When you work with Southern Surrogacy, you will meet our surrogacy attorneys in Atlanta from the very beginning. They will work with you throughout the process to:

  • Ensure you understand surrogacy laws in Georgia
  • Ensure that your surrogacy journey follows established protocols
  • Draft, negotiate and finalize your legal surrogacy contract
  • Establish parental rights with any necessary parentage orders
  • And more

Our legal services will be included in your overall surrogacy program services, and our legal knowledge of the Atlanta surrogacy process will influence everything that we do. For more information on how Southern Surrogacy can provide you an Atlanta surrogacy attorney, please contact our offices today.

Looking for a Surrogacy Clinic in Atlanta?

One of the other professionals you will need in your Atlanta surrogacy journey is a surrogacy clinic, also known as a fertility clinic. These medical professionals will be responsible for medically screening a prospective surrogate, preparing her for the embryo transfer process and eventually completing the transfer of the intended parents’ embryo to her uterus.

Many intended parents already have a fertility clinic in mind when they begin their surrogacy journey, because they have often used that professional for previous infertility treatments. If you are an intended parent and have an existing relationship with a surrogacy clinic, you are welcome to use that clinic for your Atlanta surrogacy, regardless of where it is located. You will simply need to pay for your surrogate’s travel expenses during embryo transfer. Once a surrogate’s pregnancy is confirmed, she will be able to work with her local obstetrician and hospital to receive prenatal care and deliver the intended parents’ baby.

If you do not have a clinic in mind, Southern Surrogacy is happy to provide references to local surrogacy clinics in Atlanta, including:

This is not an extensive list of fertility specialists in the Atlanta area; our professionals are happy to provide a full list of professionals when you contact our offices.

Choosing to pursue surrogacy in Atlanta is a big deal, and so is choosing the professionals who will accompany you on this journey. Let Southern Surrogacy make it a bit easier. Learn more or get started today by calling 855-787-2229.