The Truth about the “Highest-Paying” Surrogacy Agencies

There are many incentives to becoming a gestational carrier. You’ll get to experience the joys of pregnancy and help complete someone else’s family. The feeling of satisfaction is hard to beat.

But, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention one important advantage of being a surrogate: surrogate compensation.

We believe that every gestational carrier is entitled to base compensation for the amazing services she provides to her intended parents. That’s why Southern Surrogacy offers competitive surrogate compensation for our region. We will always advocate on your behalf as a surrogate candidate to receive the compensation you deserve.

But, in your research, you’ve probably come across incredibly high compensation rates. Can a highest-paying surrogacy agency really provide the six-digit compensation they promise? And, if they do, why would you bother working with a program that cannot promise the “highest” surrogate compensation for your services?

These are commonly asked questions, and because Southern Surrogacy is dedicated to transparency and honesty, we’ve addressed them below. You can also contact our team anytime to learn more about our surrogate compensation package — and why surrogacy agencies that pay “the most” aren’t quite what they seem.

The Reality Behind a “Highest-Paying” Surrogacy Agency

You know that your services as a surrogate are in high demand — and for good reason. You can help a family complete a lifelong goal, and that choice is something to be rewarded.

While we know you’re not solely motivated by surrogate compensation, we recognize it’s probably an important part of your decision. And, when you see ads claiming you can make up to $60,000 as a gestational carrier, you may be tempted to work with those highest-paying surrogate agencies.

But this “best” surrogate compensation isn’t telling the whole truth. Big, national surrogacy agencies frequently advertise numbers that don’t quite tell the whole story when it comes to money in your pocket during this journey.

Misleading Calculations

Many surrogates get hooked with advertisements promising the “best” surrogate compensation. But it’s important you understand the whole picture before you sign on with an agency promising you an exorbitant amount of money.

Surrogacy agencies that pay “the most” often include medical expenses and reimbursements in their overall figures. This isn’t money to do with as you wish; this is money you’ll receive during the process to pay for your surrogacy- and pregnancy-related costs. So, that “best” surrogate compensation you’re seeing isn’t money in your pocket — it’s money you’ll have to spend on related expenses along the way.

When you do the real calculations, you’ll often find that the actual surrogate compensation is much more comparable to what we offer here at Southern Surrogacy.

Long-Distance Surrogacies

In order to become a “highest-paid surrogate mother,” you’ll need to work with intended parents from a different economy than here in the South. Most national surrogacy agencies cater to intended parents in California and in other countries. They are able to pay more than our local parents — but it means you’ll have to complete a long-distance surrogacy with intended parents you’ll only meet a few times. You may also be matched with an international couple who may not speak your language or be able to communicate regularly around your schedule.

Many of the surrogates we work with are interested in personal, genuine relationships with their intended parents. When you’re just a number to a large, national agency, you lose that experience.

Some surrogates decide this trade-off is worth it to receive the highest surrogate compensation possible. It’s a decision you’ll need to make for yourself. What is more important to you: money or the surrogacy experience of your dreams?

Why You Should Work with Southern Surrogacy Instead

Here at Southern Surrogacy, you can rest assured that our compensation rate is just that — money that goes in your pocket, to do with as you please. Your medical and surrogacy expenses will be covered and reimbursed separately by finance professionals.

At first glance, Southern Surrogacy’s compensation package may not seem to match the “highest” surrogate compensation out there. But we’ve found our surrogates work with us for more important reasons — because they want to be treated with personal care and work with local intended parents.

Our regional surrogacy program only works with intended parents from a few southern states. That means any intended parents you work with will be within a few hours’ drive or flight. And our intended parents are truly interested in getting to know you and establish a genuine relationship through this process. Many even maintain lifelong friendships after working with us!

You’ll also receive personalized care and support from our team. We’re not a national surrogacy program, so you won’t just be a number to us. Our professionals will want to get to know you and help you create the perfect surrogacy plan, based on your needs and desires. It will all start with an in-person meeting at one of our conveniently located offices, where we’ll answer your questions and confirm surrogacy is the right path for you.

Our program offers a few more benefits that national agencies may not:

  • A local surrogacy professional providing personalized guidance
  • An in-house surrogacy attorney, providing legal advice from the start of your journey
  • Embryo transfer at a local fertility clinic, so that you don’t have to leave your family and travel long distances for medical appointments
  • And more

While Southern Surrogacy may not be the “highest-paying” surrogacy agency you consider, we can provide a local, personalized experience that larger agencies cannot. That’s why so many women choose to work with us to make their surrogacy dreams come true.

We know you probably have many questions about how to become a high-paid surrogate with our program. We’re always happy to answer them. To learn more about our surrogate compensation package, give us a call anytime at 855-787-2229 or contact us online today.