Surrogacy Information

Whether you are considering surrogacy as a hopeful parent or potential surrogate, the first step in every surrogacy journey is the same: learning about the process and determining that it is truly right for you.

At Southern Surrogacy, we believe it is important to empower each of our surrogates and intended parents with the information they need to make educated decisions for themselves and their families.

We are passionate in our belief that surrogacy can benefit everyone involved — but we also want to prepare you for the challenges of the surrogacy process. We know that surrogacy is a wonderful way to build a family — but we also know that it is not the right choice for everyone, and it is important to educate parents-to-be on all of their family-building options.

And as a team of experienced surrogacy attorneys, we also know that potential surrogates and adoptive parents often have questions or concerns about the sometimes complicated world of surrogacy law.

As your surrogacy professional, we want to provide the guidance, support, services and information you need through each step of the process. If you are interested in becoming a gestational surrogate or growing your family through surrogacy, please complete the following form to learn more about our surrogacy programs.