Your Resources for Surrogacy in Mobile

There’s no place quite like Mobile, AL. It’s a wonderful place to be — and a wonderful place to raise a family. But, if you are considering a non-traditional family-building journey like surrogacy, you may not be sure that Mobile professionals can offer all the services you need.

We’re here to tell you otherwise. Mobile surrogacy professionals like Southern Surrogacy are ready to help you, whenever you want to get started. And, when you are ready, these professionals will guide you through a surrogacy in Mobile safely, ethically and legally.

Whether you’re a prospective surrogate or intended parent, you should have all the information you need to make the best decision for you. That’s why we’ve created this guide — to explain all of the surrogacy services you can choose from and why Southern Surrogacy is your best choice for a Mobile surrogacy experience.

Keep reading to learn more or, if you wish to talk to a professional, give us a call at 855-787-2229 or contact our offices online.

Looking for a Surrogacy Agency in Mobile, AL? You’ve Found One

If we can offer one word of advice to those considering surrogacy in Mobile, AL, it’s that you should choose to work with a full-service surrogacy program or agency from the start of your journey.

The advantages of a full-service program (like Southern Surrogacy) are hard to beat. These professionals will guide you through every step of the process with care and experience, handling all the complicated details and taking stress off of your shoulders. You can rest assured that your Mobile surrogacy is being completed safely, ethically and legally — and that nothing is slipping through the cracks.

Southern Surrogacy offers all these advantages and more for our clients. As a regional, full-service program, we have personal experience and an expansive local network that national agencies can’t match. When you work with us, our professionals will:

When it comes to surrogacy in Mobile, AL, there’s no better choice than Southern Surrogacy. After all, our team has years of experience with Alabama surrogacy. We are dedicated to providing the information and services you need to move forward, wherever you are in your personal journey. Whether you simply want to learn more or want to get started today, don’t hesitate to call our team at 855-787-2229 or contact us online.

Remember, at Southern Surrogacy, you’re more than just a number — you’re a member of the family. We’d be honored to help you make your surrogacy dreams a reality.

Looking for a Mobile Surrogacy Attorney?

While a surrogacy agency or full-service program is optional during your Mobile surrogacy journey, an experienced surrogacy attorney is not. Surrogacy in Alabama is legal, but the laws and regulations are too complicated to attempt on your own. You’ll need to work with an attorney to safely and ethically complete this process.

Fortunately, when you work with Southern Surrogacy, you won’t have to find an attorney on your own. Because we’re a law-firm-owned program, we can provide in-house legal representation to all of our intended parents. Our lawyers have decades of experience with surrogacy in the South, thanks to their work at regional firm Claiborne|Fox|Bradley|Goldman. They will meet all of your legal needs by:

  • Confirming that your surrogacy meets established Mobile surrogacy laws
  • Drafting and negotiating your legal surrogacy contract
  • Establishing your parental rights through necessary parentage orders
  • Providing legal advice and guidance every step of the way
  • And more

All of our in-house legal services for your surrogacy in Mobile will be included in your flat program fees. We will also locate independent counsel for your gestational carrier, to avoid conflicts of interest.

Don’t stress about the legalities of a Mobile surrogacy. Work with Southern Surrogacy to receive trained legal guidance from the very start.

For more information on our Mobile surrogacy attorneys, please contact us now.

Looking for a Mobile Surrogacy Clinic?

When completing a surrogacy in Mobile, AL, you cannot forget about a surrogacy clinic (also known as a fertility clinic). This professional will complete all the medical steps required to create a gestational pregnancy safely and ethically.

Most of our intended parents have a clinic in mind when they start their Mobile surrogacy journey. They have often undergone previous fertility treatments or have already prepared their embryos through IVF. A surrogacy clinic doesn’t have to be located in Mobile to complete a surrogacy there, as long as intended parents are prepared to cover their surrogate’s travel and lodging costs.

Your Mobile surrogacy clinic will complete a number of important steps to guide you through the medical process, including:

  • Creating embryos through in vitro fertilization (if not already done)
  • Screening both parties (medically and psychologically) to confirm eligibility
  • Prescribing fertility medication to their surrogate and monitoring her cycle
  • Transferring the embryo to her uterus

After the pregnancy is confirmed, a surrogate will receive prenatal care from her local obstetrician and deliver at her local hospital. Southern Surrogacy will coordinate with her and her intended parents throughout her pregnancy to prepare for these steps.

If you haven’t spoken to a regional fertility clinic about surrogacy as a family-building alternative, please do so prior to contacting our full-service program. A reproductive endocrinologist can determine whether gestational surrogacy in Mobile, AL, is the right path for your goals.

Consider reaching out to these local professionals:

This is not a full list of regional surrogacy clinics, but Southern Surrogacy is happy to provide additional references upon request.

Wherever you’re at in your Mobile surrogacy journey, Southern Surrogacy would be honored to guide you through a safe, ethical and legal process. Surrogacy in Alabama is possible, but only with an experienced professional like us by your side.

Get more answers to your questions or start creating your personal surrogacy plan today when you contact our offices. We’ll be happy to help.