Your Resources for Surrogacy in Greensboro

Whether it’s to add to your own family or help someone else achieve their parenthood dreams, pursuing surrogacy is a beautiful decision to make. It’s a life-changing journey that will connect you with a partner who may just become a lifelong friend. And, at the end, a new life will be brought into the world through the miracle of assisted reproduction.

But, if you’re thinking about surrogacy in Greensboro, NC, you may not be sure where to start. You may have no experience in this process, and finding the right professional to guide you can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Fortunately, Southern Surrogacy is here to help you.

We know that locating the perfect surrogacy agency, attorney and clinic for your Greensboro surrogacy journey can be hard. That’s why we’ve created this guide, detailing each professional’s services and how to find the best one for you.

Want to get started? Keep reading. Want to talk to a professional right away? Give our team of surrogacy experts a call anytime at 855-787-2229 or contact us online to schedule a free phone consultation.

Looking for a Surrogacy Agency in Greensboro, NC? Let Us Help

The first decision you’ll need to make? Whether or not to work with a Greensboro surrogacy agency or program.

A surrogacy program, sometimes also called a surrogacy agency, can be a lifesaver for intended parents and gestational carriers, especially if they are new to this family-building process. Surrogacy can be complicated; embarking on the process without professional guidance can waste time, energy and money for all involved. Don’t let that happen to you — work with a Greensboro surrogacy agency or a full-service program such as Southern Surrogacy from the very start.

But, why work with Southern Surrogacy?

As a local, law-firm-owned program, we can provide localized, personalized expertise and guidance that you won’t find at a larger national agency. Our staff has worked in assisted reproduction law for decades, and we’ve helped many through their Greensboro surrogacy journeys. We can do the same for you.

When you choose Southern Surrogacy for your surrogacy in Greensboro, NC, we’ll offer unparalleled service and support by:

  • Confirming that you meet the requirements for surrogacy in Greensboro
  • Educating you about the journey ahead
  • Helping you create a surrogacy profile for matching purposes
  • Matching you with a surrogate or intended parent who shares your surrogacy goals and preferences
  • Referring you to and coordinating with other local professionals you may need
  • Providing case support and guidance from start to finish
  • And more

When you contact our program, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. And, when you’re ready to get started, we’ll be happy to host an in-person consultation at our conveniently located Charlotte office:

417 East Blvd. Suite 101
Charlotte, N.C. 28203

Curious about surrogacy in Greensboro with our program? Don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime at 855-787-2229 to learn more.

Looking for a Greensboro Surrogacy Attorney?

Many times, when you work with a surrogacy agency, you have to hire a separate Greensboro surrogacy attorney to handle the legal process. But that’s not the case with Southern Surrogacy.

We’re a law-firm-owned surrogacy program, which means we offer you in-house attorneys for all of your legal needs. You won’t need to hire another professional to get these steps done; you’ll receive experienced legal advice from the very beginning of your journey.

Our surrogacy attorneys will work tirelessly to complete the legal steps of surrogacy, including;

  • Confirming your surrogacy journey meets all North Carolina surrogacy laws and regulations
  • Drafting and finalizing a contract between you and your surrogate
  • Establishing the intended parents’ parental rights through an appropriate parentage order
  • Locating independent counsel for your gestational carrier, to avoid conflict of interest
  • And providing legal guidance for your individual circumstances

Our lawyers have decades of experience through their work at local law firm Claiborne|Fox|Bradley|Goldman, and they bring that experience to every single Greensboro surrogacy we complete. When you work with us, you know you are working with professionals who know North Carolina surrogacy like the back of their hand — and will be honored to help you achieve your personal surrogacy goals.

Looking for a Greensboro Surrogacy Clinic?

In addition to a Greensboro surrogacy agency and attorney, you’ll also need to work with a surrogacy clinic.

A surrogacy clinic completes the important pre-surrogacy medical steps. A gestational surrogacy can’t be created without the assistance of a medical professional but, fortunately, there are many in the region that can help you through this process.

Your surrogacy clinic will usually be responsible for:

  • Medically screening a prospective gestational carrier
  • Completing psychological evaluations for both parties in the surrogacy arrangement
  • Prescribing a prospective surrogate necessary fertility medication
  • Completing the embryo transfer process

Most intended parents have a fertility clinic in mind when they start their Greensboro surrogacy process. If you don’t, please reach out to a clinic as soon as possible; they will determine whether gestational surrogacy is a viable infertility option for your situation.

Here are a few local options to consider:

Please note: This is not an extensive list of Greensboro surrogacy clinics. Our staff is happy to provide more local options when you contact us online.

If you are a prospective surrogate in Greensboro, you will work with a fertility clinic of your intended parents’ choosing. If it is not a local clinic, your intended parents will cover any travel costs required as you move forward.

Wherever you’re at in your Greensboro surrogacy journey, know that Southern Surrogacy is here to help. Have questions about Greensboro surrogacy laws? Wondering how to find the perfect surrogacy partner? We have the answers you need. Schedule a phone consultation now to learn more and, when you’re ready, start this life-changing journey with our help.