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If you’re considering this journey, you’ll need an experienced professional by your side. With so many options in the Macon area, finding the right one can be tough. We understand that, and we’re here to help.

In the article below, learn more about the Macon surrogacy professionals available to you and the services they offer to make your process go smoothly, safely and successfully. You can also learn more about Southern Surrogacy’s unique services — and why we’re the best choice for your Macon surrogacy journey.

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Looking for a Surrogacy Agency in Macon, GA? Consider Southern Surrogacy

If you’re thinking about surrogacy in Macon, may we suggest working with a surrogacy agency? An agency or program will take the stress off of your shoulders, guiding you through a safe, legal and ethical journey. It’s no wonder why so many intended parents and gestational surrogates choose to work with a Macon surrogacy agency — it’s the best way to ensure success.

When it comes to Macon surrogacy agencies and programs, Southern Surrogacy is at the top of the pack. We’re a regional program with years of experience in Georgia surrogacy. We know Georgia surrogacy laws and regulations like the back of our hand, and we’ve developed a local network of professionals who are happy to help you reach your surrogacy dreams. Many intended parents and gestational surrogates have worked with us for their journeys, and you can, too.

At Southern Surrogacy, you’re more than just a number — you’re a member of the family. We treat you with the personalized care and support needed in your situation. We’ll guide you step-by-step through the Macon surrogacy process by:

  • Screening you to ensure you meet surrogacy requirements
  • Helping you create a surrogacy profile (to aid with the matching process)
  • Matching you with a surrogate or intended parent who shares your goals
  • Referring you to and coordinating with additional local professionals
  • Providing personal case management and support
  • And more

Unlike you would with national agencies, you will receive in-person support from Southern Surrogacy’s local staff. When you’re ready to get started, we’ll set up a meeting at our local Atlanta offices. You can find us at:

60 Lenox Pointe NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30324

Here at Southern Surrogacy, our goal is to make your surrogacy in Macon unforgettable. We’ll provide the unparalleled level of service and support you need to make your surrogacy dreams come true. Want to learn more? Give us a call anytime at 855-787-2229 or contact us online here.

Looking for a Macon Surrogacy Attorney?

Georgia surrogacy laws can be complicated. Fortunately, when you work with Southern Surrogacy, you’ll receive expert legal advice from the very start, thanks to our in-house surrogacy attorneys.

Many Macon surrogacy agencies require intended parents to outsource their legal services to another professional, but not Southern Surrogacy. We’re a law-firm-owned program, which means our team has decades of experience in Macon adoption and assisted reproduction law. Knowledgeable attorneys from local law firm Claiborne|Fox|Bradley|Goldman will be by your side from the beginning, offering their legal advice and ensuring your journey meets state laws and regulations.

They will also be responsible for:

  • Drafting and finalizing a surrogacy contract protecting your rights and interests
  • Establishing parental rights through appropriate parentage orders
  • And providing legal counsel from start to finish

We will also help all gestational carriers obtain independent legal counsel, to avoid conflict of interest and further protect their rights and interests.

When you first contact our Macon surrogacy agency, our in-house attorneys will be happy to answer your questions and help you better understand surrogacy laws in Georgia. Start your education today by contacting us online.

Looking for a Macon Surrogacy Clinic?

Most intended parents have a surrogacy clinic or fertility clinic in mind when they start their gestational surrogacy in Macon. Often, they’ve undergone previous fertility treatments or already created their embryos through in vitro fertilization. Even if a surrogacy clinic is not located in Macon, it can still be used (intended parents will need to pay for their surrogate’s travel and lodging costs, when necessary).

A fertility clinic is a necessary part of the pre-surrogacy medical process. A reproductive endocrinologist is responsible for:

  • Medical screening to confirm both parties’ eligibility for gestational surrogacy in Macon
  • Prescribing fertility medication to a surrogate and monitoring her menstrual cycle
  • Transferring the intended parents’ embryo to her uterus

After a pregnancy is confirmed, a surrogate will receive prenatal care from her local obstetrician and deliver at her local hospital.

If you are an intended parent and don’t yet have a surrogacy clinic in Georgia, please reach out to one before starting gestational surrogacy in Macon. A doctor will need to confirm this path is possible for your circumstances.

Contact one of these regional surrogacy clinics for more information:

Please note: This is not an extensive list of regional surrogacy clinics. Please contact our team if you wish to see more options for your area.

Wherever you’re at in your Macon surrogacy journey, you’ll have some important decisions to make. So, make them a little easier — choose to work with Southern Surrogacy for the local, full-service support you deserve during this time.

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