Finding Intended Parents: How Southern Surrogacy Finds Your Perfect Match

When you become a surrogate, you are giving an incredible gift to a hopeful family — so finding the right intended parents and developing a positive relationship with them is essential.

We understand that you and the intended parents will share a unique, deeply personal relationship, and we are committed to helping you find and develop that relationship with a matching process that is equally personal. Here, learn more about how to find intended parents and the services Southern Surrogacy provides to ensure you are a good match.

Determine Your Surrogacy Goals

Before we begin the matching process, it is important to us that we get to know you well and understand your hopes and expectations for the surrogacy process. Throughout our screening process, we will gain a better understanding of:

  • your motivations for becoming a surrogate
  • your expectations for compensation
  • the types of intended parents you want to work with
  • the type of relationship you want to have with the intended parents
  • and more

This information will help us search for and hand-select intended parents whose surrogacy plans and expectations are similar with yours.

Create a Surrogate Profile

When you are ready to begin the process of finding intended parents, we will work with you to write a brief introduction about yourself and your family and to submit some photographs. We will use this information to create a simple profile that will be shown to prospective intended parents who we think might be a good match for you.

The intended parents will create a similar profile introducing their family, their surrogacy goals and their hopes for a relationship with you. When we have found a family that we think may be compatible for you, we will forward their profile and family pictures for your review. Southern Surrogacy strongly believes in finding the right match for each client, so you will only be presented with one profile at a time.

After reviewing profiles, if you and the intended parents express a mutual interest in moving forward, you will have an opportunity to get to know one another better through contact coordinated by Southern Surrogacy.

Meet the Intended Parents

When you find intended parents you would like to learn more about, we will ask you for your preference for initial contact — whether that’s exchanging email, text messages or a phone call. Your case manager can coordinate this contact for you.

Following your initial contact, you will have an opportunity to meet the intended parents in person. Depending on both parties’ preferences, a representative of Southern Surrogacy can attend this introductory meeting to help facilitate conversation.

As you get to know the prospective intended parents, you may want to discuss the following topics:

  • Interests, values and lifestyle
  • Family members and support systems
  • Hopes and goals for the surrogacy
  • Involvement and expectations during the pregnancy
  • And more

Your case manager can prepare you for contact with the intended parents and provide additional suggestions to help you determine whether you are comfortable with the surrogacy opportunity.

After your meeting, if you and the intended parents are both comfortable moving forward, you will be ready to complete the medical evaluation process with the intended parents’ reproductive endocrinologist. If all goes well, you will officially be in a “match” and can move forward with the surrogacy agreement.

Remember, it is your decision at any point in the matching process to decide whether you would like to move forward with prospective intended parents. You are not legally committed to a family until you review and sign the surrogacy contract with your attorney (that is paid for by the intended parents).

Continue Your Relationship

After finding intended parents and deciding to pursue surrogacy with them, your relationship will likely grow and evolve organically over time. Many surrogates and intended parents remain in close contact during the pregnancy, attending important appointments together and exchanging frequent updates. Some even choose to stay in touch for years following the surrogacy process.

However, every relationship is different, and your relationship with the intended parents will vary based on each party’s preferences. We will discuss your desire for contact with you and the intended parents during the matching process; this helps ensure that you have similar expectations regarding the intended parents’ involvement during and after the pregnancy.

You will also discuss these expectations during your psychological evaluation with the intended parents’ mental health professional. In addition, your case manager will continue to be available throughout the surrogacy process to help you manage your relationship and provide support as you need it.

We believe that the intended parent-surrogate relationship is crucial to a successful and enjoyable surrogacy experience. Because we focus on regional matches within the southern states, all of our intended parents will likely be within driving distance of your hometown. This proximity helps to encourage strong bonds and allows the intended parents to remain involved throughout the surrogacy process.

About Intended Parents

Intended parents come from many different backgrounds and have many different reasons for choosing surrogacy. Many are hopeful single parents, same-sex couples or those who have struggled with infertility. All have one thing in common: they need someone like you to help them complete their family.

Just as we will spend a significant amount of time getting to know you prior to the matching process, we also work closely with and screen the intended parents to ensure they are ready to commit to the surrogacy process.

Throughout the matching process, your case manager will be available to provide additional information about prospective intended parents, coordinate your conversations with them and help you determine whether the surrogacy opportunity is a good fit for you.

We value and respect the intended parents and surrogates with whom we work, and we recognize that it is an intangible quality that makes a successful match between intended parents and surrogates. We believe that the matching process is absolutely critical, and we will always respect the needs and desires of both parties.

If you are a surrogate looking for intended parents, Southern Surrogacy can provide all of the services and support you need to find your perfect match. Contact us today to learn how to find intended parents in Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Tennessee.