Your Resources for Surrogacy in Winston-Salem

Surrogacy is a beautiful journey for both intended parents and their gestational surrogate. If you’re considering surrogacy in Winston-Salem, you’re in good company. Thousands of intended parents and gestational carriers in North Carolina have achieved their surrogacy dreams here, and you can, too.

But, in order to do so, you’ll need to work with the right professional. Your Winston-Salem surrogacy professional will be the one to guide you through this complicated journey, ensuring that it is completed safely, ethically and legally. Without one, surrogacy in North Carolina will be much harder.

So, how do you find the right Winston-Salem surrogacy professional for you?

By reading this page, you’ve come one step closer.

Southern Surrogacy is an experienced North Carolina surrogacy program that can provide all the services you need for your personal journey. Work with us from the start to have the most successful and stress-free surrogacy journey possible.

We know choosing a Winston-Salem surrogacy professional is a big deal, so you can learn more about our services below. Want to talk to one of our experienced team members? Give us a call anytime at 855-787-2229 or contact us online here.

Looking for a Surrogacy Agency in Winston-Salem? You’ve Come to the Right Place

Considering working with a surrogacy agency in Winston-Salem? There’s no better choice than Southern Surrogacy’s full-service program.

Southern Surrogacy can offer you a few advantages that you won’t find at a larger, national surrogacy agency. Our staff has been completing North Carolina surrogacies for decades; we have a hands-on, local experience other agencies don’t. We know Winston-Salem surrogacy laws like nobody else, and we’ll provide personalized guidance and support from local professionals, who you’ll get to meet in person.

Here at Southern Surrogacy, you’re more than just a number. You’re a member of the family.

Working with us, you’ll receive all of these services and more:

  • Education and screening to ensure you are 100 percent prepared for gestational surrogacy
  • Assistance creating a surrogacy profile for matching
  • Matching assistance to find the right intended parent or surrogate for you
  • References to and coordination with other local Winston-Salem surrogacy professionals
  • Personal case management and support

If you’re looking to work with a local surrogacy partner and have the in-person support of your Winston-Salem surrogacy professional, Southern Surrogacy will be your best option. In fact, our offices are conveniently located in Charlotte. Find us at:

417 East Blvd. Suite 101
Charlotte, N.C. 28203

We will be happy to set up an in-person consultation to help you learn more. Schedule one today by contacting us online or calling our offices at 855-787-2229.

Looking for a Winston-Salem Surrogacy Attorney?

Surrogacy attorneys are an important part of any surrogacy journey. Lawyers make sure your Winston-Salem surrogacy process goes legally, ethically and safely — and you cannot move forward without one by your side.

When you work with Southern Surrogacy, you’re in luck; you’ll have experienced professionals working with you from the very start!

Other Winston-Salem surrogacy agencies require clients to hire outside legal representation — but not Southern Surrogacy. As a law-firm-owned program, we provide experienced legal counsel to our intended parents with our in-house attorneys. They are members of Claiborne|Fox|Bradley|Goldman, adoption and assisted reproduction technology attorneys with years of experience in the North Carolina region. They will work closely with your surrogacy case manager, eliminating the back-and-forth required when you hire an attorney a la carte.

In addition to providing legal guidance, they will help draft and finalize your surrogacy contract. They will also establish intended parents’ rights with any necessary parentage orders.

The bottom line? Work with Southern Surrogacy, and you can be sure your legal rights and interests will be protected every step of the way.

Please note: We will also help all gestational carriers obtain independent legal counsel, to avoid conflict of interest and further protect their rights and interests.

Looking for a Winston-Salem Surrogacy Clinic?

There’s one more professional you’ll need for a surrogacy in Winston-Salem, NC.

A fertility clinic completes the important pre-surrogacy medical steps to prepare intended parents and surrogates for this journey. This includes screening (medical and psychological), prescribing a surrogate fertility medication and monitoring her cycle, and transferring the embryo at the right time in her cycle. While a surrogate will receive prenatal care from and deliver with her local obstetrician, a fertility clinic ensures she becomes pregnant in the first place.

Most intended parents have a fertility clinic in mind when they start their Winston-Salem surrogacy process. They have often created embryos and completed previous fertility treatments. You can certainly work with your current surrogacy clinic, but you will need to pay for your surrogate’s travel costs if it is not local.

Don’t have a Winston-Salem surrogacy clinic yet? Please reach out to one before contacting our program, so you can confirm that gestational surrogacy is a possibility for you. Here are a few in the area to consider:

Please note: This is not a full list of Winston-Salem surrogacy clinics. Our program would be happy to provide a more extensive list of regional surrogacy clinics for you to consider.

Want to learn more about surrogacy in Winston-Salem, NC, with our local program? Don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us online or give us a call at 855-787-2229 to set up a consultation.