How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid? A Look at Surrogate Compensation

Southern Surrogacy’s staff and intended parents recognize and appreciate the incredible commitment you are considering making as a gestational carrier.

While surrogacy is a rewarding experience and an amazing gift, it is also a complex legal and medical process that requires significant time, energy, and some discomfort along the way. This leads many potential surrogates to wonder, How much does it pay to be a surrogate? 

In exchange for your time, dedication and sacrifice, our intended parents provide three types of surrogate pay, usually totaling $38,000 – $50,000:

  • Competitive base compensation
  • Additional payments based on the course of the pregnancy
  • Coverage of all surrogacy services and reimbursement for any expenses incurred during the process

Here, learn more about each of these types of gestational surrogacy compensation.

How Much Do Surrogates Make in Base Compensation?

As a gestational carrier, your base compensation is a flat rate that is negotiated prior to the embryo transfer. This surrogate compensation is well-deserved and is provided in exchange for your yearlong commitment to the intended parents, as well as the many physical and emotional demands of a surrogate pregnancy. It can be used however you choose, and many surrogates decide to invest in a new home, fund their children’s college educations, pay off loans, and more.

Your base compensation will be paid in monthly installments after the pregnancy is confirmed. Our surrogates receive competitive base compensation based on their individual circumstances and as negotiated during the contract process, often starting at $38,000 for surrogates with appropriate medical insurance. In addition, we offer an additional $5,000 per previous successful surrogacy for experienced surrogates.

How Much Does a Surrogate Make in Supplemental Payments?

In addition to your monthly base compensation, you will receive many additional payments throughout the surrogacy process. These payments are intended to compensate you for additional procedures, discomfort and lost wages, and may vary depending on the circumstances of your pregnancy.

Some common additional payments made to our gestational surrogates include:

  • $400 for going through the medical screening process (in addition to travel expenses)
  • $500 contract signing bonus
  • $1,500 cycle medication and transfer fee
  • $5,000 additional for carrying twins
  • $2,000 for C-section delivery
  • $750 for maternity clothing ($1,000 for twins)
  • $200 monthly expense allowance during pregnancy

In addition to these common surrogacy payments, you may receive additional amounts for invasive medical procedures, bed rest, childcare, housekeeping, lost wages, provision of breast milk, and more.

Does Becoming a Surrogate Cost Money?  

Because there are many legal, medical, and travel expenses associated with surrogacy, some prospective surrogates want to know how much it costs to be a surrogate.

You will not incur expenses related to the pregnancy or surrogacy process. All of the following expenses will be reimbursed or paid for by the intended parents:

  • Travel costs, including hotel, non-accountable meal amounts and mileage
  • Counseling services in person or by telephone, if requested
  • Legal fees for your independent attorney to negotiate the contract and provide ongoing counsel when needed
  • Life insurance with a benefit level of at least $250,000 for your family
  • All medical expenses incurred in connection with the surrogacy program, except those covered by insurance
  • Health insurance, if needed

The Process of Receiving Payment for Surrogacy

Southern Surrogacy provides recommendations and guidelines for surrogate compensation, but we recognize that each individual surrogate has her own needs and circumstances. You should inform us of your financial expectations prior to beginning the matching process, so we can search for the right intended parents who can meet your needs.

You will have an opportunity to discuss your desired compensation and a payment schedule with your attorney to ensure your interests are represented in the surrogacy contract. The agreed upon terms included in your contract will be legally binding.

Once the contract has been drafted, the intended parents will fund the trust account in an amount sufficient to cover your anticipated fees and expense reimbursements. This amount will be determined by Southern Surrogacy based on the financial terms in your contract.

There are many variables that can impact your overall surrogate compensation, making it difficult to fully answer the question, “How much do surrogates get paid?” The best way to truly understand surrogate pay is to speak with a professional about your circumstances and expectations.

To learn more about the financial benefits of surrogacy, please contact us or complete the following form to get started.