The Pros and Cons of Being a Surrogate Without an Agency

Whether you are a first-time or repeat gestational carrier, it’s important to have the support of the right professionals during your surrogacy journey. You probably know that you need a surrogacy attorney and fertility clinic to pursue your surrogacy dreams — but, when researching matching programs such as Southern Surrogacy, you may wonder whether becoming a surrogate mother without an agency is possible.

While being a surrogate without an agency or matching program is a path that some women choose to take, it is not always the right path for everyone. Surrogacy can be a complicated journey, even for those who have been through it before, and working with an experienced surrogacy program from the beginning can help ensure your success every step of the way.

At Southern Surrogacy, our professionals want to help you create the best surrogacy plan for you — whatever that ends up being. We encourage you to contact our office today to learn more about the benefits of working with our law-firm-owned program and exactly how we can help you reach your personal surrogacy goals. For more information, please call 855-787-2229.

What to Know About Being a Surrogate Without an Agency in the South

Many prospective carriers wonder about how to be a surrogate without an agency when they are first starting their journey. They may be worried about the need for extra steps and screening with an agency or program, as well as the additional costs that their intended parents might have to pay. It’s normal to be overwhelmed about all the different aspects of surrogacy agencies when you’re trying to start your surrogacy journey.

However, the fact is, in becoming a surrogate mother without an agency, you will likely be making your own journey a little harder. As a prospective surrogate, you have the right to receive professional surrogacy services for free — and a surrogacy program like Southern Surrogacy can provide those to you. If you choose to complete an independent surrogacy in the South, you and your intended parents will take on additional responsibilities you may not even be aware of at the start. An independent surrogacy is not right for everyone; if you choose this path without proper understanding of it, you can very well create a negative surrogacy experience for yourself and your intended parents.

At Southern Surrogacy, we want to help you have as positive a surrogacy experience as possible. That’s why we encourage all prospective surrogates (and intended parents) to contact our professionals to learn more about independent vs. agency-assisted surrogacy before moving forward. You may find that working with our program is a better fit for your goals and expectations than you may have ever thought.

Why Work with a Surrogacy Program like Southern Surrogacy

In your research into being a gestational carrier, you may have come across comments touting the benefits of independent surrogacy: fewer costs for the intended parents, more direct involvement on your part, more control over your surrogacy process, and more. It’s important to note, however, that what some people consider benefits of the independent surrogacy process others will consider disadvantages.

So, why should you choose to be a gestational surrogate with Southern Surrogacy rather than be a surrogate without an agency?

1. Your professionals will guide you through every step of the process.

If you are considering becoming a surrogate mother without an agency, you must accept the extra roles you will take on during your surrogacy journey. You will need to find an intended parent on your own, as well as coordinate between your surrogacy attorney, fertility specialist, medical professional and surrogacy partner to ensure all necessary steps are taken care of. This can be a lot for anyone but especially when you’re trying to focus bringing a child into the world at the same time.

When you work with Southern Surrogacy, our professionals will help you through every step, allowing you to focus on what’s really important: creating a relationship with your intended parents and having a healthy pregnancy.

2. Your surrogacy services will always be free.

Many gestational carriers are worried about their intended parents’ costs, which is why they agree to an independent surrogacy to reduce those overall expenses. However, remember that intended parents save up for years for their surrogacy journey, and many available intended parents do choose to work with surrogacy programs. You always have the right to receive free services from a surrogacy agency; you should never feel forced into an independent surrogacy because some intended parents cannot afford the costs.

Keep this in mind, too: Sometimes, intended parents who try to have a smaller cost of surrogacy without an agency find that the a la carte prices for certain surrogacy professionals is the same (or even more) than working with a single professional like Southern Surrogacy from the very start.

3. You will receive assistance finding the perfect surrogacy partner.

Finding an intended parent and finding a surrogate without an agency can be complicated. If you’re looking for intended parents, you’ll have to think hard about the kind of parents you wish to carry for. You will have to create an ideal parent profile and search through online advertisements to find the perfect intended parents who meet your preferences, share your surrogacy goals, and are safely approved for the surrogacy process. It can be a lengthy journey.

However, when you work with Southern Surrogacy, your surrogacy professional will help you create a surrogacy plan including your preferences for intended parents. Then, he or she will search our internal list or larger network of intended parents to find the perfect match for you. That way, you’ll know every family presented to you is safe and approved for the surrogacy process — and your surrogacy professional will provide the support you need as you get to know them and finalize your match.

These are just a few of the reasons why an agency-assisted surrogacy can be more beneficial for prospective carriers than surrogacy without an agency can. Every surrogacy is different, and the professionals at Southern Surrogacy stand ready to assist you through your journey in whatever way you need. Because our program is owned by a law firm, you will be in close contact with legal professionals every step of the way, just as you’ll be in contact with your surrogacy specialist.

For more information about how Southern Surrogacy can guide you through your surrogacy journey, please contact our surrogacy specialists today.