7 Reasons to Become a Surrogate

What are the best reasons to become a surrogate?

You may be considering surrogacy. It sounds like a good thing to do. You’re motivated by the idea of helping wonderful people become parents, and, maybe, you just happen to enjoy being pregnant. Now that you are seriously considering this journey, however, you might be feeling a bit apprehensive.

Are my reasons to become a surrogate really good enough? Is this actually the right choice for me?

It’s completely normal to have questions and doubts. We want to help. That’s why we’ve created this list of the 7 best reasons to be a surrogate.

If you resonate with one or more of the reasons to become a surrogate listed below, then you could be ready to take your next step. Contact us today to speak with a surrogacy professional about getting started with our program.

7 Reasons to Become a Surrogate

Before we go any further, let’s make one thing clear: There are many more reasons to become a surrogate than we’re going to list here. Women choose surrogacy for all kinds of reasons based on their own unique situations.

If you don’t find your reasons here, then that’s okay. But, if you do, then we hope it confirms your suspicion that becoming a gestational carrier could be a part of your future.

1. You get to give amazing people the best gift of their lives.

Intended parents who pursue surrogacy have been through so much. The pain of infertility, possible compounded by failed infertility treatments, can be overwhelming. This is especially true for this particular group of people — people who are more motivated than you could imagine to become parents.

They want nothing more than to share their home, their love and their life with a baby, and they can’t do it without you.

It’s often said that it is better to give than to receive. One of the best reasons to be a surrogate is that you get to give the best gift imaginable to two incredible people. It’s difficult to describe how much it means to play this role in someone else’s life.

Why become a surrogate? Because with your help, there will be one more loving family in the world.

2. You get to experience the joys of being pregnant.

Why did you become a surrogate mother?

For Jenna, one of the first things that came to mind was that she really enjoyed being pregnant.

“I have three little boys of my own, and I always had good pregnancies, easy pregnancies,” she said. “I enjoy being pregnant. So, when we knew that we were done having kids of our own, I was a little sad that I couldn’t be pregnant anymore. My husband actually brought up the idea of being a surrogate.”

Many gestational carriers relate to this reason to become a surrogate. If being pregnant has been a positive experience in your life, but you know your own family is already complete, then you could become a surrogate and experience pregnancy again.

3. You get competitive, fair compensation.

The role a gestational carrier plays in the life of her intended parents is invaluable, but we make sure that our gestational carriers are fairly compensated.

Compensation packages differ with each process. Regardless of your specific details, you can be sure of this: Our team strives to ensure that every gestational carrier we support is fairly compensated and appropriately appreciated for the work you do to bring a beautiful baby into the world.

This compensation is one of the many reasons to become a surrogate.

4. You get to experience a unique, beautiful relationship.

The bond between a gestational carrier and her intended parents is unlike any other relationship. It can be a bit awkward at first as you get to know each other. As you experience the pregnancy together, the intimate connection of carrying someone else’s baby begins to create a bond that can last a lifetime.

At Southern Surrogacy, we believe that this relationship is at the heart of a successful surrogacy process. That’s why we only work with intended parents and gestational carriers in the South, searching for nearby matches that allow everyone to go through the pregnancy together, in-person.

Our personal approach to surrogacy relationships has helped form lifelong friendships. Looking back on the process, many women will say that this is one of the most important reasons why to become a surrogate.

5. You get to accomplish something that very few have.

We all want to do something with our lives that is different, special and important. What could be more important than carrying someone else’s baby? Not only have you created your own family, but, through surrogacy, you can create someone else’s family.

How many other people can say they’ve done something like that? It is a genuinely unique opportunity. For women who have a sense that they are supposed to do something special with their lives, this can be one of the reasons to become a surrogate.

6. You get to be a part of a special, tight-knit community.

Following up on that, there is a close community of gestational carriers who often stay connected to one another and find common ground based in their shared experience. Since so few women have done anything like this, it can be a bond unlike any other.

With our regional approach, many of the gestational carriers who work with our surrogacy program are nearby. We help make connections so that surrogates can stay connected after their processes are complete. While the relationship with the intended parents is at the front of most women’s minds, the relationship with other surrogates after the process can be just as fulfilling and meaningful. For many, it’s one of the best reasons to become a surrogate.

7. You get all of the support you need, with the right program.

Pregnancy during surrogacy is different from pregnancy when you are starting or growing your own family. Throughout your process, you’ll have all the support you need, every step of the way, if you are working with the right surrogacy program.

If you are someone who enjoys being pregnant, the surrogacy process can make the experience even more enjoyable because of this additional support. But, like we mentioned, a lot of that depends on finding the right program.

Why to Become a Surrogate with Southern Surrogacy

Are you looking for a personalized surrogacy experience? Something local, with a team who really cares? That’s the type of surrogacy program we offer at Southern Surrogacy.

Rather than focus on becoming bigger and bigger, our team has spent years focusing on becoming better and better. We’re committed to surrogates and intended parents in our region, getting to know each of our clients personally so that we can find the best match for you.

Additionally, one of the reasons to become a surrogate with our program is that we are owned by a local law firm. Because of this, we ensure the highest standards of legal work on behalf of our clients. The surrogacy contract is a vital piece of the equation, and you can be confident that yours will protect you in every circumstance with our program and with the assistance of your own lawyer who will review the contract with you..

Our personalized approach and years of legal experience make us a great option for anyone in the South interested in becoming a surrogate.

Taking Your Next Step

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