Insurance for a Surrogacy Pregnancy

We all know how insurance works in our own lives, but what happens during a surrogacy pregnancy? Let us walk you through the types of insurance you will need during your surrogacy pregnancy.

During a surrogacy pregnancy, the surrogate will need to have both health insurance and life insurance.

Health Insurance

  • You will need to determine if your surrogate’s insurance covers prenatal care and delivery as a surrogate (some policies do not).
  • It is important to have your surrogate’s insurance reviewed by an expert in fertility insurance, such as ARTrisk.
  • You will need to have the insurance reviewed at every open enrollment even if it is the same policy because exclusions always get added.
  • If your surrogate’s insurance does not cover surrogacy, you will need to purchase a policy. We recommend ARTrisk to do this because they can assist you with determining policies that cover a surrogate pregnancy.

Life Insurance

  • It is important to have life insurance for your surrogate, ARTrisk can assist you with this as well.
  • Also, you may want to purchase a rider onto the life insurance that covers if your surrogate loses her reproductive capacity (either partially- such as a loss of fallopian tube or a full loss of capacity- ie hysterectomy).

Insurance is not a “one size fits all” topic. Every surrogate and scenario is different. Your lawyer will go through all of this with you and will direct you to the right people for further questions (if needed). 

Ultimately we all want the same thing, a smooth positive pregnancy, but things happen, and we want to make sure your surrogate is protected and covered for those “never know” scenarios. It’s like the saying “better safe than sorry”.