The Surrogacy Dream Team

During every surrogacy journey, it’s safe to sat that every Intended Parent and Surrogate wants the same thing: a smooth positive experience. That may not be a guarantee, but the best way to make sure this goal is met, is to assemble the right team. So who all do you need on your team to set yourself up for success?

  • A Fertility Law Attorney:

You need someone who knows surrogacy laws in the state you are transferring your embryo, and the state in which your baby will be born (if it’s not the same state as they are being transferred). You will need a lawyer for you and a separate one for your Gestational Carrier. If you trust your lawyer the legal process will go smoothly and seamlessly. Your lawyer should also be able to refer you to someone else if they cannot represent you for any reason (for example, your baby is born in a state in which they do not practice).

  • Psychologist

You will need a psychologist to screen your surrogate. This person is also a great resource to refer to if you (or your surrogate) need emotional support during the process. Find someone you are comfortable talking to  and value their professional recommendations. 

  • Doctors

You will need a variety of doctor’s on your team. First and foremost is the Reproductive Endocrinologist who will oversee your embryo transfer and any procedures done at your fertility clinic. The second doctor you need on your team is your surrogate’s obgyn. While the Obgyn may not be your doctor, they are caring for your baby (and your baby’s carrier). It’s important to accept that you may not have a say on who your surrogate sees, and if your surrogate trusts their doctor, you must trust your surrogate. 

  • Financial Case Managers

We really mean the case managers of your Escrow account. The purpose of an escrow is to have a third party manage your money during the process so there are no complications and everything is managed legally and what was agreed upon. It is your case manager’s job is to watch over your money and release funds based on your legal contract, or anything you agreed to pay for. 

  • Agency

Your agency is essentially your team leader. They will assist you with building the right team for you and help you work through each area of the process. 

  • Social Worker

At Southern Surrogacy, we assign you a social worker who will be your eyes and ears during the process. They will check on you for every big moment, and periodically throughout the process. If you have any questions or concerns, your case manager is the person to discuss them with. If they don’t have an answer, they know exactly who to recommend you to. Having a good relationship with your social worker will make you feel comfortable during your process!

As with anything, every journey is different. This is a general list of professionals that you should have on your team before you start your journey. The good news is that you won’t have to find all of these professionals on your own. Once you start building your team, the other positions will fall into place. There are a lot of professionals in this industry that are happy to assist, recommend, and be part of your dream come true. If you aren’t sure where to start, please reach out to us.

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